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Affordable Dentures Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

Affordable Dentures Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

Affordable Dentures complaints vary from locations that provide sub-standard dentures to poor customer service. Affordable Dentures is a national dental company and chain. Their dental services and dentures have some good ratings, but also many complaints and bad reviews.

Affordable Dentures Corporate Office Complaints – An Overview

How To Contact Affordable Dentures To Complain Or Leave Feedback.

Address: USA
Affordable DenturesMain Office Phone Number: 1-252-527-6121
Affordable Dentures Complaints Department: 1-800-336-8873
Affordable Dentures Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-336-8873

Similar Companies to Affordable Dentures

Other companies that generate buzz online include Aspen Dental, Great Expressions, and Pacific Dental.

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Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can rate from -5 to +5 Stars or Just Leave A 0 Star Review. Also, you can read other user’s reviews, complaints, and comments located just above the comment form.

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Title: Adorable dentures totally recommend
Review: I went to the one in Rocky Gap Va, they are very professional fast and friendly. Plus the take medicaid. Walk in to get free adjustments as needed also.
Name: Jessica Belcher
Review Image
Title: They did my new dentures and the bottom plate kept hurting my mouth. I kept going back. They did not listen to me on what was going on. And now I\'m stuck with dentures that I paid for and can\'t even wail. Because every time I went there, David always say it was something else they did not listen.
Review: They are horriblespecially when they don\'t listen to you on what\'s going on.
Name: Sheila Smith
Review: I was told I needed ALL teeth removed, due to \"gum disease\". I asked if it was serious enough to have all my teeth removed. I was told, \"Yes\". SHE LIED. A prosthodontist, oral surgeon, and several dentists viewed my pre-extractive panograph. I was told by all of them my teeth should NEVER have been extracted!!!
Name: KB
Title: Is it a real company
Review: I can’t believe it’s a company
Name: Willie Nichols
Title: AD&I in Greenville, NC
Review: Dr Parker and her staff are fantastic as far as being helpful, and courteous!! My only issue is an infected tooth root was left behind which caused my lower front gum to stay inflamed. In their defense I flew back to Western Canada a month after extraction and had to have it cut out and restitched 3 months later. But if I had to do it over again I’d use them!’
Name: Cheryl Love

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