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Aspen Dental Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

Aspen Dental Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

Aspen Dental complaints vary from locations that provide sub-standard dental work to poor customer service. Aspen Dental is a national dental company and chain. Their dental services and customer service have some good ratings, but also many complaints and bad reviews.

Aspen Dental Corporate Office Complaints – An Overview

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Address: USA
Aspen Dental Main Office Phone Number: 1-315-454-6000
Aspen Dental Complaints Department: 1-866-724-8823
Aspen Dental Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-724-8823

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Title: Butchers
Review: They lied on the dental work I needed to be done. They lied on the cost to repair what they said was wrong. I had two great instances. I believed them when they said an upper denture would be my best way to go. I bought the best one they had which came with the first denture while you heal then your denture after all the swelling and healing is done. My appointment was a nightmare. The Dr slipped jamming a tool into my jaw. We had to stop until the pain went away a good 30 min or so. Now my jaw on that side is constantly sore. We get done. Everything I think is good. My first check up I tell the Dr the denture feels loose like it\'s bending or flexing. She said everything was fine couple more appointment. It\'s getting worse and I\'m being told I\'m stupid I don\'t know what I\'m talking about. That was my last appointment. I went to a new dentist who stated my denture didn\'t fit and when he saw my mouth he was shocked at how big the holes were. They had removed the bone between the teeth that had been pulled. My pallet was flat. He would try to make one that I might be able to use. While waiting. Aspens denture flexed for the last time and broke into 3 pieces. My new denture didn\'t fit. My mouth had shrunk. I would no longer have a pallet a denture would fit. When the New dentist got my x-rays shock hit again. There was no reason to pull my teeth. I did not have all the bad teeth they said. It was unnecessary. And they removed so much bone implants were not an option. I started looking for an oral surgeon. I finally found one. He gave me 50/50chance it would work because how little bone there was. We did 6 bone graphs. And finally we got enough for 6 posts. And a permanent metal bar to get a denture to fit in my mouth. And my insurance didn\'t cover it. Because of the severe damage Aspen did to my mouth it cost out of picker just over $31.000. When I was putting my complaints up. They asked me to come in the office to talk. I did. They wanted to know how to fix it. When I said cover the damage. The asked if I was sure they caused it. Yup you pulled the teeth. I could go on. They broke me.We cashed out our retirement. They shouldn\'t get away with this. Calll. Email me I have photos from when I was there I took photos. I have my records. I have not just my complaint on the Dr but other on the same Dr. Photo I\'m sending is me before.
Name: Alicia Cass
Title: No way to run a business
Review: Made my appointment online only to be told there wasn\'t one. So I try to reschedule. No Fridays. Must be nice. Sign out front says walk ins welcome. No one waiting to be seen. Nope. Those people went home.
Name: Margaret Aguilar

Reply: Hi Margaret I created a petition to get back at these monsters I mean dentists for there unprofessional work, abandoned patients, no refunds and more the site is

Reply Name: Donna

Date: 2024-05-12 11:51:30

Title: DON\'T GO
Review: I paid $15,000 for a pair of unfinished dentures when I went there for Snap in !! They screwed up my financial statement to not include them and had me make a horrible financial decision I never would have made and she refused to correct her mistake and abandoned my treatment
Name: Donna Shaffer
Title: Evil place of dentistry
Review: I went in for a bridge fir 1 tooth and was told I needed all my upper teeth pulled due to \"bone loss\" I was vulnerable and scared and believed them. Now I have dentures that hurt my mouth doesn\'t fit right and they also messed up my bottom partial and again are telling me I need all my bottom teeth pulled. This place prays on the poor and vulnerable. Please don\'t belive them if your told you have gum disease or bone loss. Get a second opinion PLEASE! ASPEN needs to be shut down
Name: Tammy Winterringer

Reply: Hi Tammy I created a Petition to get back at Aspen somehow but right now everyone is scattered on different Facebook page a low rating sites this hopefully will show how many there are of us and I know it\'s in the thousands so please go to and tell your story it doesn\'t matter if they owe you or not

Reply Name: Donna

Date: 2024-05-12 11:55:52

Title: They are crooks
Review: The worst experience I have ever had in my life at any dental clinic or office after being lied to told all my teeth were gonna fall out told I had gum disease I needed for teeth pulled why after lie after lie never even looked in my mouth, I found a new dentist, thank God and all my dental cares were taken care of. I did have to have a couple teeth pulled, a gum disease nobody telling me all my teeth were falling out never in my life been treated like that, and I would not recommend this place to the devil
Name: Mary Griffith

Reply: Yes they are crooks I created a petition on please o there and tell your story right now there are 6 different Facebook pages and other ratings sites like this

Reply Name: Donna

Date: 2024-05-12 11:58:18

Title: Aspend Dental Scam
Review: I was charged $3,000 on their credit card before receiving any dental work or services! 2X I left my Accounting position early & drove 30 miles to receive a cleaning.They rescheduled my 1st cleaning & tried to reschedule my 3pm 2nd cleaning saying it was due to abcess tooth. I told them the abcess had already healed and was 1/2 inch or more well below gum line. They wanted to reschedule for the next morning. I immediately demanded a refund and canceled all services! Obviously whomever is cleaning teeth doesn’t want to work and constantly tries to skip out early. I do not recommend using Aspen Dental!
Name: Tammi Vaughan
Title: They upsell everything!!
Review: In my opinion it\\\\\\\'s all about the money nothing else!! Pay before we work on you and they make sure you get a credit card to pay for it no matter what your score is. My dentist made an error and instead of being honest and being upfront she lied and abandoned my treatment plan. I wasted a year and $8,067 I Don\\\\\\\'t know who affordable dentures are but Clear Choice is directly affiliated
Name: Donna Shaffer
Title: Double billing
Review: I have already been build for almost 7000 dollars on care credit. They didn\'t wait for in vigna insurance to pay. Now I. Getting bill from aspen saying. I owe them money. But I contacted my I Durante and some of the things I\'m getting billed for again have been paid tw. No one at aspen dental will talk to me. They either cut me off ir hang up. When they billed the care credit card they billed it in one lump sum. Do tell me what happen to the money my insurance paid for the claims. It\'s not on there anywhere
Name: Anna Stottlemyer
Review Image
Title: Deceived and mutilated
Review: I went to the Aspen Dental office in Mt. Airy, NC. I was treated like dirt after I had teeth extracted on bottom. Even before I got out of the chair. They destroyed 4 sockets in front. I have 2 bones growing out of my gum on one side and I bone on the other side. The denture they gave me was to big and bulky I can\'t wear it. Oh and I was told I had to pay $640 before the percedure on top of the 3k my insurance paid. When I asked why, I was told my insurance company wouldn\'t pay for all of the cost of the denture. About 1 1/2 week I got my insurance summary and my denture was paid for by them and more than $640. The office manager is rude and obnoxious after she gets your money. Please go anywhere but Aspen Dental. If you go there, be prepared to get taken for a ride financially and emotionally. I am now faced with more financial problems because I have to go get my mouth fixed.
Name: Aspen victim
Title: SCAM
Review: Aspen dental is not in business to help people that are on a fixed income with no insurance. They get people into the office by telling people that the 1st visit is free. They take alot of X-rays then have you sit some where . Then it\'s to the dentist chair . Then they look at your teeth . They say oh you need this you need that. You need a deep cleaning you need this mouth wash . Then they sit you back out in the lobby area . Then call you back to see the dentist. The doctor looks at the teeth and start calling out numbers to the other person in the room with you then there is a list of things wrong with your teeth. I only had one tooth ache . Then we went to the front office . That\'s when they drop a Huge number at you that you need to pay after they advertise the 1st visit is free . Oh I forgot. I spent 5 plus hours in their office and got scammed out money I didn\'t have
Name: A

Reply: You just told my story

Reply Name: Monte Armstrong

Date: 2024-04-14 19:09:13

Title: They are crooks
Review: Scamming people out of their money and ruining the people\'s teeth
Name: Amy
Title: RIP off
Review: They charged my INS $2000.00 for dentures the lower denture is so crooked I will never be able to wear them They filed down the 2 back teeth to almost nothing They need to make me a new bottom denture I\'ve called all your numbers and you keep hanging up on me I\'m going to file a grievance with Humana and BBB
Name: Jackie Molosky
Review Image
Title: Sending a bill for an examination a year ago !
Review: These people are the worst con artists ever! They seem to prey on older citizens. On 4/20/23 I went for an examination and Radiographic images which they told me would be FREE. Today I received a bill for $247.00. Saying This is your FINAL NOTICE on my account and threatening me with being placed in collections. No reputable business would wait for one whole year before sending a bill. Clearly they are NOT a reputable business to which i will not answer.
Name: Michael

Reply: They did the same thing to me

Reply Name: Amy

Date: 2024-04-11 18:28:07

Review: Bad dentures, broke one of my teeth. Worst decision I ever made
Name: Robert Monstwillo
Title: Brokenhearted
Review: Long story summarized. Aspen Dental pulled my teeth to fit me with first time dentures I paid $5,500 up front and they worked off of that for about 18mos. My temporary dentures never fit. My permanent one-I picked out the teeth and the color-and they are so pretty. Until I try to eat. No matter what I try I can\'t eat with these dentures. Aspen says they can\'t be \"fixed\". I should\'ve gotten dental implants. I was always given necessary info after the fact. Implants were never an option presented to me. If I go out I have a choice to make every time - teeth or no teeth. Eat or don\'t eat. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
Name: Christine Nutter
Title: Worse experience ever
Review: Worse dental experience in my life 65 yrs. My dentist for 30 yrs had just retired. I had one abcessedtooth. Spent 4 1/2 hrs there,got deep cleaning etc for an emergency..ugh. they pulled every upper toothI had
Name: Grace
Title: Awful
Review: They made teeth for me that obviously were meant for someone else.
Name: Bonnie Russell
Title: Billing practices
Review: How can you take thousands of dollars out of someone’s account and when they cancel you harass them? They put such a high pressure cell on me when I called to reschedule (because I wanted the antibiotics to work before the root canal started) that I decided to cancel completely. I don’t even need that root canal! My veneer just needs re-sealed or replaced! It’s been weeks since I canceled it and still haven’t received all my money back. They also tell you that all the x-rays are free, but that’s not true. They still bill the insurance.
Name: Angela Wise
Title: Pain and suffering
Review: For almost 2 years you left me where I couldn\'t eat. Horrible pain, misdiagnosed 3 different dentist, extreme weight loss. Developed wasting syndrome and almost had to have a feeding tube. I will tell anyone that will listen how bad you are. Could have cost me my life. Witnesses seeing me exit aspe with blood all over my face. Much much more. This email is my neighbors. I don\'t have email.
Name: Kay simpson
Title: Missed Infection
Review: I went for new partials Oct 23, they took several xrays nothing was found. Then in Dec I had a cleaning, after my teeth started hurting, went back they did another xray found nothing, told me to use Sensodyne. After this all of my teeth started hurting, went back, another xray, they then told me I had a serious infection. The dentist offered to do 2 root canals or 2 extractions and a new partial, all for free. I asked to try antibiotics she agreed and I should return in 1 week. I went for a second opinion, they sent me to an Endodontist. She told me I have a serious infection and I needed 4 extractions. Found a new dentist, they can do the extractions and a new partial but Aspen is dragging their feet on refunding my money. I went there and called several times, got the run around, excuses, they lied, were rude to me and they basically DO NOT CARE. I\'m losing 4 teeth because they overlooked my infection.
Name: Sharon Riley
Title: Awful
Review: The worse dentures I ever had the bottoms are so crooked and they filed down the back teeth there\'s nothing left Top denture cut a hole in the side of my gums that still hasn\'t healed in over a week $2,000.00 for this ??? I\'m very angry and I\'m going to file a grievance with Humana andBBB
Name: Jackie Molisky
Review Image
Title: Ruined my life
Review: Horrible experience. Taken advantage of, lied to. Money taken before any service performed. I\'m in constant pain. I cannot eat in public and am never comfortable. I no longer do anything outside my home. Constantly upset.
Name: Linda Hartley
Title: The worst
Review: They are despicable.I went in for a broken back tooth. It became abscess 3 times. They did work on a tooth that didn\'t need it( which has now fallen out)Another dentist had to pull my broken tooth) The whole reason I went to Aspen to begin with. They are CROOKS!!!!!
Name: Barb Snow
Title: Worst most unprofessional experience ever
Review: I was lied to you from the get-go when I made the appointment was told everything would be free then I was told I had to join their savings plan and that it was 9.99 so I went ahead and joined went to the back they did at least 30+ minutes of x-rays that cut my tongue up really bad Dennis comes in does not even look at my mouth. All she does is point up my x-rays telling me I need four teeth pulled two root canals, two caps that I have two cavities and gum disease, I know that I have two teeth that do need to be pulled and I’ve known this and that was the main reason I was there, but I knew for a fact I do not have gum disease and all the rest of it is not true I have never been to a dentist office, but the dentist is not even have you open your mouth so that they can look inside she just made it up as she went along looking at my x-rays and at the end goes oh yeah oh there’s another cavity and I said where is it she couldn’t find it. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had at any type of doctors office. . I do not believe that they are trained professionals. I don’t know how they’re still in business they are they are to take your money and that’s it. I’ve read stories worse than mine where they’ve had thousands of dollars charged to them when no work has been done whatsoever they asked for payment upfront, I wish we could all join together and somehow shut this business down because it’s just going to get worse for others.
Name: Mary Griffith

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