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JetBlue Complaints And Reviews - ZeroStars.Org

JetBlue corporate office complaints vary from late flights, overcrowded flights, low-quality food, and poor customer service. JetBlue is a national airline based in the United States. Their airline generally has good ratings, but also complaints and bad reviews.

JetBlue Airlines Corporate Office Complaints – An Overview

How To Contact JetBlue To Complain Or Leave Feedback.

Address: USA
JetBlue Main Office Phone Number: 1-718-286-7900
JetBlue Complaints Department: 1-800-538-2583
JetBlue Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-538-2583
Email: Use Contact Page

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Title: JetBlue’s “Worst Airline” Rating 100% Accurate
Review: We utilized travel credit given out to the members of a flight from St. Lucia to JFK in 2023 in which we sat on the tarmac for hours while diverted to Florida. I was steadfast never to travel with JetBlue again after the experience. Having the credit, we decided that we would give JetBlue another shot and booked a trip to Bridgetown, Barbados, departing on March 10, 2024. The customer service for this trip was outstanding and I was starting to rebuild trust with JetBlue. During the second week of January, we received notification that our flight schedule had changed, forcing us to change destinations. Determined to make a go of it and short on time, we switched the Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic quickly. This left us with a significant amount still remaining in our travel banks, as the flights to POP are significantly less that BGI. The credit to the travel bank in no way deterred us from JetBlue, excitedly planning an additional trip in our minds with the difference. Everything began to fall apart on March 9, 2024 at 11:04pm. Less than 8 hours before we were to board the plane, we were notified that our flight the next morning on March 10, 2024 was cancelled and that we were rebooked on a nearly identical flight the next day. We received the email that indicated, “This disruption is considered an uncontrollable disruption, meaning it’s due to events outside of JetBlue’s control (things like Air Traffic Control or weather disruptions) and, unfortunately, does not qualify for customer compensation or reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.” We took that in stride, guessing that we were inconvenienced due to weather or something else truly beyond JetBlue’s control. Disappointed to be losing a day of hard-earned vacation, we carried on and did not let the cancellation damper our spirits. We learned from JetBlue when we checked in on March 11, 2024 that it was, in fact, a controllable issue and that our flight was cancelled because the staff had timed out and there was no relief for them. Isn’t recruitment and retention problems within THEIR scope of responsibility? It was not until we actually boarded the plane that we understood that JetBlue has some serious retraining and action to take with their employees. My husband and I boarded the plane, took our seats, and were onboard for approximately 10 minutes before all passengers were told to evacuate in order for the plane to reset something mechanically. Clearly concerned due to a tight connecting flight from JFK, I stopped at the counter to speak with a representative and ensure that I understood what was happening and if we would need to rebook the second leg of our flight due to the short window from this flight landing and the other taking off. The attendant was pleasant and indicated that it takes merely 10 minutes and we would be on our way in plenty of time. While I was conversing with this representative, another representative got on the PA and announced in an irritated tone not to come to the ticket counter and that it was “not a good time”. I finished my conversation with the helpful JetBlue representative, thanked her, and started to walk away. Completely insulted by the PA announcement, I said to my husband as I walked away, “oh wow, too bad if it’s not a good time”. I got to the hallway and as I was standing there a distance away from the counter with my husband, the JetBlue representative who made in rude announcement came charging over to me and began to instigate a fight. She asked if I had something to say, to which I said I did, and that I had said “too bad if it is not a good time, some of us feel pretty helpless right now.” The woman then told me that she determines whether I get on the plane or not and that I better change my attitude. I said “excuse me?” She then stuck her hand in my face and started to tell me that there are 100 people on this flight that have questions, and I cut her off and told her to get her hand out of my face. She spun around when I informed her to get her hand out of my face and headed to the ticket counter where she said to the polite representative, “what’s her name?!” and was going to bar me from getting on the plane. My husband followed the woman and informed her that we are slightly on edge because of the cancellation the day prior and that the expenses are adding up. She nodded, glared at me, and said to him “you better control her, or you’re going nowhere”. I did not curse, threaten, harass, or act in any manner that would begin to justify this woman’s actions. As the 10 minutes turned into an hour or more, my husband went to the counter to request information on our connecting flight. My husband returned to me where I stood from afar out of fear and informed me we were going to miss our connection and that he rebooked us on yet another flight. I moved away from that gate and sat at another as I considered this change. My husband learned from JetBlue staff that the delay was due to a maintenance employee not securing an engine cover. Another employee mishap. Now we are missing 2 days of vacation, have expenses piling up, and I was still incredibly shaken up by being verbally accosted by your representative. I called JetBlue customer service and spoke to a gentleman who advised me how to lodge a complaint. He apologized for the situation and was very professional. He gave me another number to contact, which I did and asked for a “CRO” as instructed. The gentleman I spoke with explained how to file a complaint online, which happens to be a short 150-character box which I could not begin to narrow this situation down into, hence this email. The representative at the counter informed us that she could not cancel our flights and we had to do so online. Unfortunately, the system would not let us perform the cancellation and I contacted JetBlue customer service via phone to get assistance. The representative at the counter stated that our bags would be pulled off the plane and given to the ticket counter downstairs, and directed that we report to that representative. We waited for an hour or so downstairs waiting for our bags. The individual that caused the verbal altercation was also downstairs. I remained a distance away and my husband continued to check in at the desk. Finally, after approximately an hour, my husband was informed that our bags are on the plane on the way to JFK and that we would need to come back and get them whenever they return to Syracuse. We are currently tracking their progress. This entire incident forced me to cancel my travel plans. Not having staff caused my flight to be cancelled. An inept and/or careless maintenance mechanic caused a major disruption. An aggressive and unprofessional agent harasses customers who ask questions at inconvenient times. These factors are all within JetBlue’s control. I know from years of experience that if my employees make mistakes, it is the company who shoulders the burden of expense and aggravation, not the paying customer. Corporate couldn’t care less when this was reported. It took 3 days and multiple conversations with central baggage to get our bags back.
Name: Crystal Guzzardo

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