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Lennar Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

Lennar Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

Lennar corporate office complaints vary from locations that provide sub-standard quality, to poor customer service. Lennar is a national home builder. Their homes and projects generally have good ratings, but also complaints and bad reviews.

Lennar Corporate Office Complaints – An Overview

How To Contact Lennar To Complain Or Leave Feedback.

Main Office Phone Number: 1-305-559-4000
Lennar Complaints Department: Use Customer Service Number or Contact Page Below
Lennar Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-532-6993
Email: Contact Page

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How To Review, Rate, Or Leave A Complaint About Lennar On This Website

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can rate from less than zero stars  -5 to +5 Stars or Just Leave A 0 Star Review. Also, you can read other user’s reviews, complaints, and comments located just above the comment form.

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Title: The Builder No One Ever Wants to Credit
Review: Go try to find a builder with better quality and value that is ALSO offering rates and closing costs so that people can actually afford homes. Let\'s face it, you people can\'t go to any other builder because you can\'t afford to!
Name: Glenn
Title: I\'m just here to cause chaos
Review: Lennar has been great so far. On my 5th house built by them
Name: Zucks mom
Title: Lennar management and supervision is the worst.
Review: Management and supervision is a joke with this company. They have lost sight of satisfying the customer. Very poor quality workmanship, no follow through with the sub standard subs they employ. Always over promising and \"UNDER DELIVER\" SHOULD BE THEIR MO! Everything is a fight with them and above all they overcharge for the dumpy homes that they build. \"NEVER AGAIN LENNAR\". Get your management to get out in the field rather than trying to figure out how to cut this and cut that. \"Everything included\". is a frigging joke!
Name: Dale Brazdis
Title: No pool, just a sign showing a promised pool!!!!!!
Review: A big fat ZERO!!!!!!! We reside in Liberty Village in Ocala, FL. We purchased our property in December 2022 and were told the pool amenities would be complete spring of 23. Here it is, April 2024 and STILL NO POOL OR AMENITIES!!!!!! The current permit for the amenities has again been extended now to July 2024 with no sign of any work being in process!!! This is very sad and disappointing for all of us that purchased in Liberty Village where we were told we would have a community pool and 2 years later, still NO POOL!!!!!!! 😢 Their words are meaningless. Think twice before purchasing a new home from Lennar!!! VERY, VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Richard Bledsoe

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