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Luxxle Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

Luxxle Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

Luxxle reviews and complaints vary from searches that are inaccurate to confusing results. Luxxle is a search engine that competes with Bing and Google. The search engine generally has good ratings, but also complaints and bad reviews. Discover if Luxxle is legit or a scam by reading the comments and reviews below.

Luxxle Reviews – An Overview

How To Contact Luxxle To Complain Or Leave Feedback.

Luxxle LLC Address: 10900 NE 4th St, Bellevue, WA 98004 USA
Luxxle Main Office Phone Number: n/a
Luxxle Complaints Department: Use Email
Luxxle Customer Service Phone Number: Not Available Use Email

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Title: Luxxle returns without bias.
Review: I am a writer of Godly material. Because of Censorship, I can hardly find any of my works on Google. Using Luxxle, I found all of my stuff. The first page had results about my work.
Name: Joe T. Green
Title: I\'m Liking Luxxle!
Review: It\'s great that Luxxle can be set where you can get a wider variety of news sources than say Google! I like that the first 7 pages aren\'t just articles slamming Donald Trump. This being said I think Luxxle could do better on bringing up contact information on businesses specifically searched for. The ease and convenience of that on Google is something Luxxle should aspire to make their system similar to.
Name: Maddox Brandon

Reply: Maddox, thank you for your review!

Reply Name: Eric

Date: 2024-04-05 10:46:39

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