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The Range Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

The Range Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

The Range complaints vary from poor customer service, sub-standard quality, and shipping delays. The Range is a furniture store chain located in the UK. The products generally have good ratings, but also complaints and bad reviews. Discover if The Range is legit or a scam by reading the comments and reviews below.

The Range Reviews and Complaints – An Overview & Contact Information

How To Contact The Range To Complain Or Leave Feedback

The Range Head Office Phone Number: 0345 026 7598
The Range Complaints Department UK: 0345 026 7598
Customer Service Phone Number: Use the Main Office Phone Number
Email: Use Chat Service On Their Webpage

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Title: Appalling Company
Review: Ordered sofa through these in February got given 4 different dates end of April now and still no sofa. Ended up having to request a refund twice and open a dispute up. Will never spend a single penny on the range ever again!!!
Name: Steve
Title: disgusting
Review: Terrible customer service. How they aloud to continue business, is beyond my believe. Thieves!!!!
Name: vil
Title: Shocked at staff
Review: I was looking around The Range just browsing then a member of staff came up to me and asked me to leave the store as I looked suspicious. I said I\'m happy to empty all pockets and check my bags and go and see the manger but he insisted on me leaving the store. I made a formal complaint to head office and got a apology from them. Same staff member has done this to a few other people as well. They were even in the local paper as people saw rats in there and the toilets are disgusting and prices are wrong.I\'d never visit the range again.
Name: Kevin
Title: Faulty toaster
Review: We returned a faulty toaster, that was only a few months old. It had a 2 tear warranty. Long story short. We were accused of deliberately braking the toaster just so we could get a new one. The man we spoke to actually called us liars to face! I was given the store managers email address but he couldn\'t be bothered to reply. The worse customer service I have ever encountered. Needless to say I have never been back.
Name: Dawson I s a c#nt
Title: website
Review: Terrible over-complicated ordering method. It has auto links to so many other spyware services such as google, facebook and others that it slows everything to a snails pace. Then just to cap it all they insist you sign up for an account before you can place an order. I do not want to have them using my data to pass to other companies so I refuse to sign up. Their loss as I can get much of what they sell elsewhere. No wonder they are trading at a loss.
Name: john
Title: Disgusting customer service.
Review: Bought an air-conditioning unit from them and it became faulty after 11 months,after only being used a handful of times as was only used in summer. They wouldn\'t take it back,first got told to take to store they weren\'t even interested was ridiculous. Then had a 9 month battle with customer services again. Ended up taking them small claims court and they still wangled & lied there way out of it,shambles of a company and so much for our legal system was a waste of time,in the end was £280 out of pocket for unit and £45 court costs and ended up with nothing,disgraceful.
Name: Mr Anonymous
Title: Excellent
Review: Great service, great products!
Name: Jay
Title: Missing Sofa
Review: Ordered a sofa and received 3 text messages on 3 consecutive weeks saying it was going to be delivered. Took days off work and every time it never arrived! And I was 8 Months pregnant! Had no Sofa to sit on so when I finally got a response from customer service who are non-existent and absolutely clueless and useless, demanded a refund and had to go to get a new one at 9 Months PREGNANT! So much unnecessary stress and frustration caused by The Range. Never order from them! Go to Oak Furnitureland! Got a new sofa in 5 days! And all in one piece and fantastic quality. The Range are a total disgrace and don’t give a toss about ripping people off
Name: Caz
Title: Garden furniture
Review: Worst company I have ever had to deal with . Having paid over £1000 for garden furniture and waiting over 3 months for delivery . Worst customer service and XDP the courier service is appalling . Don’t shop here they don’t deserve your money !
Name: Nicola
Title: New Hampshire Garden Furniture tur
Review: Dispatch sent out mix matched coloured furniture.. After contacting the Range with phone calls. Emails etc.. They stopped corresponding with me. I paid out a lot of money for my furniture. I even asked if they could put me in touch with the Manufacturer. No response. . To have parts of the Garden Furniture in different colours is not the look I wanted. I certainly wouldn\'t recommend & will never purchase anything from The Range again
Name: Liz Gilbert

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