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URYYI Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

URYYI Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

URYYI complaints vary from poor customer service to store management issues. URYYI is an online retailer of women’s and girl’s clothing. They do have complaints and bad reviews online.

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Title: Tops that don’t fit
Review: I have been going back and forth with your email all I want is to return. Every email I get back attempts to offer me little to no money back as compensation. I paid $62 for these blouses. Now you are saying I would have to ship them back to Dubai on my own! False advertising! Also I am now seeing the same products on Facebook under another company came. Very shady operation. I jaitxwant my money back. These tops do not fit. I know my size and these are not true to size. One I can’t even get over my head.
Name: Beth Hoffman
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