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Verizon Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

Verizon Reviews Complaints - Zero Stars

Verizon corporate office complaints vary from spotty service and expensive calls to poor customer service. Verizon is a multi-national mobile phone and internet company. Their products and services generally have good ratings, but also complaints and bad reviews.

Verizon Corporate Office Complaints – An Overview

How To Contact Verizon To Complain Or Leave Feedback.

Address: 140 West Street New York, NY 10007 USA
Main Office Phone Number: 1-212-395-1000
Verizon Complaints Department: 1-800-922-0204
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-922-0204

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Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can rate from -5 to +5 Stars or Just Leave A 0 Star Review. Also, you can read other user’s reviews, complaints, and comments located just above the comment form.

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Title: Disappointed from the get go
Review: Sales, install, support, chat services, tech Visit, audio and video issues ALL not user friendly or able to remedy my issues. Pixelating picture randomly throughout the day--across the channels. Sound muted randomly during conversations. Long wait time for phone support, chat support swirls and doesn\'t engage. Automated systems has no options for my issues. Was warned not to make the switch, should have listened. Not the worst rating because when everything is running right, picture is amazing and viewing options are a plus.
Name: Rosemary Cooney
Title: Terrible customer service
Review: Verizon keeps going up and service gets worse everyday. I been with them 30 years but I\'m seriously thinking of leaving. I have been so stressed out with them they keep you on the phone for hours and hours for nothing. They are no help only want money and more money for nothing. I\'m fed up
Name: Jones Pam
Title: Can not understand English!
Review: Even the ones that speak English can not comprehend what you say. It is DEI, You must be at least Partially retarded or have the IQ of a lugnut to work phones for them. Their own phone system is the worst Tried for two weeks to alert them to a box that blew twisted on pole in front of my house and the door blew off in my yard. Even the police had a problem and was not able to let them know. Two weeks of rain and rodent exposure for switches and wiring. I am so glad that there are cable companies as alternatives.
Name: jimmy
Review Image
Title: Bad service/Lies
Review: They don\'t stand by their offers
Name: Barbara Kintz

Reply: They should!

Reply Name: Eric

Date: 2024-04-08 09:22:39

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