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The phrase “zero stars” pops up everywhere—from crossword puzzles to hashtags and even in music and books. It’s a way to say something is really disappointing. This idea led to the creation of, a new kind of rating website where you can give ratings as low as -5 stars, not just zero.

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The Cultural Impact of Zero Stars

Crossword Puzzles You often see “zero stars” as a clue in crossword puzzles. It makes people think about what it means when something is really bad. This shows that the idea of giving no stars is well-known and used to describe very poor quality. For more on zero stars on the NYT crossword visit here.

Social Media On sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, people use #ZeroStars to talk about bad experiences with products or services. This shows that people want a place where they can share their negative experiences more clearly and powerfully. See our Facebook page for more on Zero Stars.

Music and Books The term has even inspired artists and writers. Some bands are named Zero Stars, and there are books titled “Zero Stars: Would Not Recommend.” These show that people use “zero stars” to express strong disappointment and make a statement.

Why We Started

Seeing how widely used the term “zero stars” is, we realized there was a need for a better way to share both good and bad experiences. lets users rate things from -5 to +5 stars.

Our goal is simple: to make it easy for people to tell others about their experiences, whether they are good or bad. By using a scale that goes below zero, our website helps people share more honest feedback.

What Our New Rating System Means

On, you can use the whole range of our new scale. A -5 star rating is for warning others about a terrible experience, and a +5 star rating is for sharing something fantastic. This helps people make better choices based on honest reviews. It also pushes businesses to improve their services or keep doing well.


“Zero stars” is more than a phrase; it’s a sign that people are unhappy with the usual ways of reviewing. At, we’ve turned this concept into a practical tool. We invite you to start using our site to make your opinions count, sharing how you really feel about your experiences.

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